Sam Johnston – Leading The Charge In Trust Reviews

Sam is leading the charge in our Trusts Act 2019 trust reviews. With cutting-edge knowledge of the latest legal developments, Sam is helping clients ensure that their trust is fit for purpose.

What does the Trusts Act 2019 mean for your trust? New regime requirements for disclosure of information to beneficiaries? Clarification of Trustee duties? Have you considered the amendments needed for your trust to remain relevant and compliant with the new rules? Whatever your questions are, Sam is passionate about explaining trusts and estate planning matters to you in plain language.

Sam joined Rice Craig in 2020 after a period working overseas and then in Auckland City. He lives in Papakura with his wife and three kids. He was Head Boy of Rosehill College and played in the 1st XV with Kieran Read and others. He loves eating Korean food and cheering at Saturday morning sports.

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