Family Law

Family Law

Ask many people what is the most important thing in their life and they will say “my family”. For that reason the practice of family law is unique and requires a very specialised approach.

Family law issues often arise from the break down of personal relationships and can be complex and emotionally charged.  We understand that this can be distressing.  At Rice Craig we will treat you with dignity and provide pragmatic advice.  We will arm you with knowledge and encourage you to be a decision-maker in the legal process so that we can work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. 

However not all family law issues arise in a crisis situation, we are often approached when there are changes in a client’s circumstances, such as new relationships, merging families, seeking an understanding of their legal rights or wanting to protect assets.

Whatever the circumstances are for you or your family we can assist.  We will draw on our collective experience to provide you accurate, practical, timely and cost-effective advice.

Our expertise includes the following areas:


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