Rice Craig

We are committed to being a sustainable business.

  • Our firm is carbon neutral (in fact we are net negative in emissions, so as to offset historical emissions).
  • Our emission calculator offsets all client commute emissions.
  • We have installed solar energy such that our energy consumption is greater than 90 percent renewable.
  • We have reduced our wastage substantially.  This includes greater than a one-third reduction in paper usage.
  • We intend to move our office toward a cloud based data system, such that we expect continuous improvements in reducing paper consumption.
  • We discourage the use of plastic by providing reusable water bottles, coffee cups and all renewable utensils.
  • We provide monetary subsidy (on certain conditions) of up to $5,000 per electric vehicle to advance the transition from petrol/diesel to a low carbon transport future.
  • Rice Craig’s new fleet includes a Tesla during 2021, and subsidisation of a Nissan Leaf during 2020.
  • We have a culture of continuous improvement on all environmental issues so that, over time, our carbon footprint and wastage will be reduced.
We are proud of our achievements to date and will endeavour to remain ever vigilant and innovative.

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