End to Working from Home

Back to the office for good or is working from home a new normal? During the pandemic many employees worked from home. Now that it is safer to return to the workplace, with a highly vaccinated population and the end of New Zealand’s COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system), some employers are strongly encouraging staff […]

Employment Law Changes in 2021

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New changes to workplace relations aiming to improve legislation around pay equity, sick leave entitlements and the minimum wage has been enacted. The main changes that both employers and employees should be aware of are: Minimum Wage Increase The minimum wage has increased from $18.90 to $20 per hour effective 1 April 2021. Sick Leave […]

Sam Johnston – Leading The Charge In Trust Reviews

Sam is leading the charge in our Trusts Act 2019 trust reviews. With cutting-edge knowledge of the latest legal developments, Sam is helping clients ensure that their trust is fit for purpose. What does the Trusts Act 2019 mean for your trust? New regime requirements for disclosure of information to beneficiaries? Clarification of Trustee duties? […]

Trusts Act 2019

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Trusts have a valuable role to play for New Zealanders who want to protect their assets and provide for future generations of their family or Whanau.  If you are a trustee or a beneficiary of a trust, you need to be aware that legislative changes are coming into effect in 2021 which may affect you. […]

Latest Updates – Covid-19

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WE DID IT NEW ZEALAND!! As a collective, we banded together, and have done what very few other countries if any have managed to do. In the immortal words of Sir Edmond Hillary, “we knocked the bugger off”. Unfortunately, however that does not mean that it did not come without some disputes and Rice Craig […]

Managing Shared Care during Alert Level 3

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With the move into Alert Level 3 on Tuesday 28 April 2020, a lot of parents are wondering how this is going to impact upon care arrangements for their children. The key thin got remember is that the health of all New Zealanders remains the Government’s priority, balanced against the need to allow the New […]

Employers Obligations at Alert Level 3 – Coronavirus – COVID-19

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From Tuesday 28 April the country is at Alert Level 3. This means that where it is possible to work from home, employees must do so. But where businesses have employees who cannot work from home, some businesses can begin operating, provided they meet certain criteria and introduce suitable health and safety measures. Businesses still […]

Leases during the lockdown period – Coronavirus – COVID-19

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New Zealand faces an unprecedented government mandated lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and as a result, a significant number of New Zealand businesses are unable to access their business premises due to such restrictions. If the current (sixth) edition Auckland District Law Society (ADLS) Deed of Lease (Lease) was used, it will contain […]

Work and Pay for Employees During Lockdown – Coronavirus – COVID-19

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The New Zealand government moved the country to Covid-19 Alert Level 4. That meant all non-essential businesses were required to close.  New Zealand is now in lockdown.  Non-essential businesses may need to explore options for work and pay for their employees during their closure.  For businesses falling outside the essential services criteria, we provide general […]