Amrita Maan


I am a qualified Barrister and Solicitor specialising in Family Law.  My areas of practice are in Relationship Property, Protection of Personal Property, Parenting, Guardianship, Relocation, Domestic Violence and Adoptions.

I am a highly capable lawyer, am friendly and empathetic to those who come to see me.  I know that to achieve the best outcome for my clients I have to get to know them, and they to know me.  I need to fully understand their requirements, and in turn the clients need to trust that I, in understanding what they want, can obtain the best outcome that is possible.  Although friendly and understanding with my clients, I am forceful and demanding in representing their point of view to others.

I feel privileged to be part of a profession where I have the opportunity to help individuals and their families go through what is often a difficult period of time in their lives.  I feel that if at the conclusion of the process I can leave that person in a better situation than when the process began, then I can be satisfied that I have achieved my purpose, and made a positive contribution to both my client and very importantly the lives of their family.

I have a busy life with my husband and young sons.  I love watching my sons grow up and relish the joys of family life.  I love travelling and am a keen foodie!

Amrita Maan

Areas of Expertise